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"Shauna taught me how to exercise when I had no idea what would help or what might cause further damage to my herniated disc. Her expetise and encouragement was exactly what the doctor ordered. In fact, two of my doctors recommended Shauna as part of my treatment plan. She carefully monitored my progress, scaffolding the intensity of my workout to help me improve. Two years later, I am still continuing her  customized exercises as they help me cope with sciatic pain. Thank you, Shauna!" - Steven

Personal training clients can expect individualized training programs designed to reach their unique goals. Whether it is weight loss, strength gains, or simply an increase in overall fitness, Maritime Strength and Conditioning will provide you with the training and lifestyle tools necessary to achieve your goals.



Whether you are an athlete working towards returning to the playing field or a busy mom needing to return to work, a successful reconditioning program can get you there. Each program is designed specifically with your doctor's orders and physical needs in mind. While being unique to your situation a reconditioning program is sure to increase both your physical activity and confidence.

Sports performance training is available to athletes ages10 and up. Age-appopriate programs are designed to provide athletes the opportunity to gain a competitive edge through power, strength and speed training. For additional information please refer to the sports performance page.